Planned Parenthood

3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion and only about 10% of Planned Parenthood clients receive abortions.

The other 97% of what PP does?

Cancer Screening and Prevention: 16%
Contraception: 35%
STI/STD Testing: 35%
Other Health Services (Reproductive & General): 4%

PP is also an excellent resource for counseling. They will either counsel you or help you find counseling if you ask. They provide plenty of general and reproductive health services to all genders. They also provide discounted birth control.

Their website and their center are both excellent resources
(warning: there is gendered language)

It makes me so angry to see PP demonized because it is an organization that does so much good especially for people who generally cannot afford these services. To take PP away would be stripping away affordable health care from so many people, a disproportionate amount of them lower class women & women of color. PP is an extremely important organization and I encourage you to look into them if you need help or have questions.